Manganese, Iron, Cooper, Zink, Aluminum, Lead, Barium and Arsenic removal

DMI-65 is infused silica sand material formed into granular sand particles with high performance in removing dissolved metals such as IRON, MANGANESE, COOPER, ZINK, ALUMINIUM, LEAD AND ALSO ARSENIC, BARIUM. The surface of the particles acts as an oxidation catalyst so it immediately removes dissolved iron. To maximize media surface formula is infused into the entire porosity of the media and not just on the outer surface what is typical. The media has been developing in Japan over 20 years now and manufacturing in Australia. With over 20 year of usage worldwide is not known cases of Manganese coating on DMI-65. The maximum iron concentration where DMI-65 can be used is 50PPM.

DMI-65 is applicable in pressure or gravity flow filters for drinking or sewage water treatment. The process of cleaning media is simply backwash as needed. Time period or delta p procedures can be used. Media shall be cleaned with clean chlorinated water. The level of chlorine concentration is evaluated by math formula. The oxidation reagent formula is NaClO. Its inherency in the process is vital. The residual concentration in the water shall be 0.1 to 0.5 PPM of total chlorine.

DMI-65 typical applications are drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, process water treatment, food and drink production, pharmaceuticals production. DMI-65 is tested and certified in CZE in accordance with decree No. 409/2005 Coll. of the Health Ministry on hygienic requirements regarding products intended for direct contact with drinking water and regarding water treatment since November 2015.

DMI-65 is the most cost effective solution. Its operational cost is lower than cost of comparable other media and has longer expected lifetime such as Bayoxide, GEH, Greensand.

The activation of new DMI-65 media requires soaking in concentrated solution of NaClO for 30 minutes. In some cases new media need to be soaked for 24 hours to reach maximum performance due to porosity surface of media which holds air bubbles.


Technical specification


Physical Properties

Operating Conditions


Hnědá až černá

pH Range

5.8 – 8.6

Bulk Density

1460 kg/m3

Maximum Water Temp.


Specific Gravity


Minimum Bed Depth

600 mm

Effective Size

0.48 mm


40% Minimum

Uniformity Coefficient


Service Flow Rate

5-30 m3/m2/hr

Mesh Size


Backwash Flow Rate

25-80 m3/m2/hr

Annual Attrition


Backwash Expansion



Advantages of DMI-65 Media and Features Include:

  • DMI-65 is the lowest cost method of removing Iron and Manganese from a ground water supply.

  • DMI-65 is very powerful catalytic action and its ease to maintain and operate.

  • DMI-65 is similar to manganese greensand without the need to add potassium permanganate, which is dangerous, costly and difficult to operate and maintain.

  • DMI-65 is currently certified to the US Standard of NSF/ANSI 61 for drinking water and is in the process of getting certification in United Kingdom applicable in EU.

  • DMI-65 is also used to pre-treat iron in water to protect RO membranes from fouling.

  • DMI-65 can be simply installed into existing water treatment plants.



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