Design / Project / Calculation

We are looking for solutions for advance structural parts using 3D modeling. 3D modeling has advantages in lower cost manufacturing answering lots of questions prior construction work. It saves construction time, idle time and repeated work. It is very useful when we layout new pipeline or move existing pipe into new position including thermal expansion spacing. We check interferences with existing steel and equipment in background. We can eliminate mistakes and oversights during design stage plus optimize manufacturing requirements.


STEP 1 – To develop design, new idea implementation


STEP 2 – Bring it into 3D model


STEP 3 – Check dimensions and interferences


STEP 4 – Visualize of design, present, optimize, comment


STEP 5 – To develop construction drawings




  • Construction drawings and other associate documentation (demo, construction, assemblies and BOM)
  • Technical concepts and manuals (provided typically in DWG and PDF)
  • Calculations (docx, xlsx, PDF)


Stress analysis of pipe routing

  • Evaluation and check compliance with ASME B31.1 or EN 13480-3
  • Stress analysis and displacement check
  • Earthquake analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • The analysis of outer impacts



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